After three wonderful years together, enjoying pure freedom and more than a little indulgence, Jake and Petra have finally decided to settle down and raise a daughter together. But before they do, one last adventure calls for them. Venturing past the fourth dimension, Jake changes the channel, bringing Petra to an alternate version of Earth to explore.

There's just one problem: on this channel, things didn't turn out so well for them.

Timebenders 2 answers the questions on the minds of the fans. What if Jake lost? What if Jeremy gained the upper hand? What if the power of the remote was stolen and shared with someone whose mind was geared toward scientific inquiry? Would absolute power corrupt absolutely, or is there a light in every heart that pushes back against temptation? Exploring the darkest corners of "what if" and introducing a whole new group of characters, Timebenders 2 is an exciting and enticing sci-fi thriller that sate your long-standing desire for more. If you're still fascinated by absolute control, manipulation, and taboo romance and sex, you'll love Timebenders 2: Channel-Surfing!

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Here's a quick taste of what you have in store:

Sandra shook all over, overcome with the sudden feeling of snug fullness. The man - Jake - was inside her, deep. Deeper than anyone had been in a long time. Her legs squeezed around his waist and she gripped at the bedclothes, feeling herself tense and contract around his hard, hot shaft.

Jake smiled down at her. His hands were braced on either side of her head, and his green eyes were staring into hers. “I like the way you think,” he said. “Shall I take you?”

Sandra hesitated. This was so totally unlike her, laying here and squirming through mysterious orgasms and now letting a stranger put his thing inside of her… it seemed impossible. But he had told her it was a dream… perhaps he was right. She nodded, looking up at him and relaxing a little. “Yes, please,” she whispered.

Jake thrust himself into her, slow and deep, which seemed impossible since he’d already been so deep inside. Then he did it again, and again, never pulling out, always pushing inward. It was like the world was a broken record, skipping over that moment of being penetrated again and again.

Sandra laid her head back and closed her eyes, moaning in pleasure. The moan seemed to trigger normality, and Jake began pumping in and out in a more ordinary way, stretching her passage with each advance and making her feel completely empty with every retreat.

She reached up and pulled him down atop her, kissing him passionately. His lips were smaller and softer than he’d expected, and his body was soft, like a woman’s.

Sandra opened her eyes and realized she wasn’t kissing Jake at all. The girl he was with was on top of her, kissing her and moaning into her lips. Their breasts rubbed together with a firm rhythm; above and behind the girl, Sandra could still feel her legs wrapped around Jake’s waist as he slowly pumped into her.

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