Jake Stevens is an ordinary guy with an ordinary life, but his world changes when he finds a remote control that can stop time! Suddenly, he is the lord of everything around him... but things get out of hand when he starts having feelings for the only woman he can't have. Will Jake learn the origins of the remote and master his newfound power, or will he fall into absolute corruption? From playful to steamy to dark and back again, Timebenders is an erotic rollercoaster that will fulfil the secret desires of every reader. If you're fascinated by absolute control, you'll love Timebenders!

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Jake opened the shower door. His heart skipped a beat as he saw how beautiful Petra had really become. Her skin was milky-pale all over, her breasts were round and full and topped by pale pink nipples, and her hips had rounded out to match. Between her legs, the water was beading in a triangle-shaped patch of hair as coppery-red as what grew from her head.

The water was really intriguing, too. Jake reached his hand into the shower, marveling at how he pushed the mist and droplets aside, creating a dry tunnel in the cascade coming from two of the three shower heads. His hand came away wet.

Jake noticed three things: that the water was beautiful, that Petra was even more so, and that his cock was so hard it hurt. He bit his lip indecisively. Looking was one thing, but actually doing anything…

He looked again at the gorgeous frozen girl before him. Then he looked in front of her, under the third shower head, at the ledge on the side of the tub where he liked to sit sometimes when his wife was bathing and wanted company. “Well, if it’s just looking…” He started forward, then stopped when he touched the mist filling the stall. “No need to get everything wet,” he said to himself, unbuttoning, unfastening and stripping off his clothes.

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