Roma Revenge

Shawn Milner lives a fast, powerful life. He's used to getting what he wants, when he wants it. But when the girl he drugs and seduces turns out to be the daughter of a gypsy tribe with the power to exact revenge, all that is put in jeopardy. Now as a woman, he starts to see the other perspective to some of his misdeeds. Can "Shawna" find the gypsies and make them turn her back into a man before "Shawn" is noticed missing? And how will she tell her new girlfriends and the man who is falling in love with her?

Roma Revenge is a fish out of water story, an exploration of gender roles and sexuality, and a hot read besides. If you're looking for an exciting, quirky romance that will warm your heart and stir your nethers, look no further!

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Here's a quick taste of what you have in store:

EXCERPT HERE (this page is under construction but you can preview the first chapters on Smashwords)

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